I'm Filip Dawid


Filip Dawid - Digital Marketing Proffesional
Filip Dawid - Digital Marketing Proffesional
Filip Dawid - Digital Marketing Proffesional
Filip Dawid - Digital Marketing Proffesional




I started my journey in the world of digital advertising back in 2010. Throughout the years, I’ve developed wide variety of successful work for both, local and global Clients.

Few of them were awarded as well, you can check it here. My experience lets me manage the processes of digital campaigns effectively.

Areas of interest:
#eCommerce #Web #Mobile #Social #CRM #Web #Analytics #Digital Strategy #UX #Display #SEO #Content


April 2017

Innovation Awards - Nomination

Category: Smart Use of Data

Campaign: Galaxy S7 Mobile

November 2016

Mobile Trends Awards – main award

Category: Mobile Campaign

Campaign: Galaxy S7 context campaign

November 2016

Silver Mixx Award - Nomination

Category: Mobile

Campaign: Samsung Galaxy S6 launch

August 2016

Effie Awards – Silver

Category: Product Launch

Campaign: Samsung Galaxy S6

January 2016

Mixx Award – Nomination

Category: Product Launch

Campaign: Samsung Galaxy S6

August 2015

Effie Award – Silver

Category: Product launch

Campaign: Galaxy Note 4 launch




I decided to start studying psychology to learn more about people and their behaviors. During many courses, I learned a lot about mechanisms that help to engage people and build more trustworthy relationships with them, based on the researches I’ve covered. What is the biggest advantage of my studies after those several years of experience in advertising?

Its approach that always puts consumer in the center, and that people are not the same – they are unique and we need to build and advertising message that engage specific group of people – and it’s something what is allowed in digital wold.

Passed courses

Basics of Marketing, Quantitative Marketing Research, Qualitative Marketing Research, Microeconomics, Consumer Behaviors, Statistics, Public Relations,




Head of Technology & Content

Leading Digital and other Agency teams through disruptive technology changes and building more interactive and solution / consumer oriented approach to digital advertising. Building and maintaining relationship with key business partners to ensure that agency’s teams benefit from latest technologies and tools to reach and engage consumers in more accurate way. Development of new agency competencies and challenging processes to address that things can be done better.

Key Clients: Samsung, P&G, Philip Morris, T-Mobile

2014 NOVEMBER - 2016 MARCH


Digital Production Manager

Management of Digital team to ensure that agency is providing best in class approach to reach and engage consumers across multiple digital touchpoints in consistent way. Development of new agency competencies and building relationship with partners to meet business goal of agency’s clients. Development and improvement of existing processes to ensure that all goes smoothly from the moment of receiving briefs to project’s archivisation.

Key Clients: Samsung, P&G, Philip Morris, T-Mobile

2014 MAY - 2014 OCTOBER


Digital Project Manager

Management of digital projects for agency’s clients across many touchpoints providing consistent user journey to meet client’s business goals. Taking care of new business in agency, development of new competencies and building digital first approach to reach consumers in ATL focused agency. Management of strategic global projects for agency’s clients and building relationship with steak holders and business partners.

Key Clients: IBM, NJU Mobile, Unilever, Philips, Metlife

2013 NOVEMBER - 2014 APRIL


Digital Project Manager

Management of developers and QA teams during launch of global projects for key agency clients. Working with steak holders and partners from across the globe to meet clients’ expectations in terms of timings and quality of digital products. Implementation of new processes and tools with aim to improve costing and resource management. Implementing new ways of working, based on custom management tool for key agency client.

Key Cients: Kellogg, Reebok, CCM



Junior Project Manager

Management of developers and QA teams during launch of projects for clients across EU. Working with stakeholders and partners from across the globe to provide the best products in terms of timings and quality. Localization of global platforms, display of campaigns production and development of processes with aim to improve e-Commerce pages and conversion rate for global e-Commerce platforms.

Key Clients: Kellogg, Reebok, CCM


Project Management

User Experience

Web Analytics

Social Media


Microsoft Office


Content Marketing


Information Technology

Far, far away travels

Big Data / Analytics

Independent Movies

AI, Computers

Social Media

On-line Behaviors

Good food!

Animal lover

Mateusz Mentlewicz

The decision to invite Filip to join the international team was a great move. Despite the fact that he had a different type of professional experience in the past, he has not only made up the gap, but has earned the position of crucial team member.

He is open-minded, flexible, willing to learn new things and share with his peers.

His positive attitude and can-do approach make him an outstanding contributor to the team. I really hope that we will have the opportunity to work together in the future and I can easily recommend Filip as an excellent project manager who perfectly fits into international environment. On top of that he is a great colleague and creates an environment friendly to everyone.


Bartosz Janik

Filip is a Project Manager with a substantial portfolio and displays great engagement in the work that he is assigned to. He brings a very pro-active approach to the team and is very well informed when it comes to innovative digital trends on the global market.

I can happily recommend Filip to anyone who is looking for a pro-active, responsible presence in their organization.

MSL Groupe



    Warsaw, Poland.

    Looking forward for new challenges in other countries as well.